Know Your Craft

Indian art is so rich and beautiful that I started getting into it and fallen in love with it and started exploring it every moment of my life.
I started traveling and visiting many interior villages to meet artisans for more than 25 years to understand the ir livelihood.
We have so many talented artisans in our country but unfortunately, they cannot market their products.
I took the initiate personally and started ordering them to make hand crafted items which they kn e w the best. For the past years I have been getting items made and adding to my gallery.
Finally thought to sell these crafted products which will help the artisans to get more orders and sustain their living.
Also on every sale planning to give away additional 5 to 10 % of the profit to these artisans which will further support their living.
C an make any type of items as per requirements including rugged furniture’s for home or commercial use too.
Ethnic decoration of restaurant, Cafe, Terrace/Lawn/Balcony Garden etc.

Know Your Greens

Know Your Greens under Parent “Company LUSH & BARK Pvt Ltd” core area is to promote, educate and create awareness to make a healthy and sustainable living.
Anyone can grow these health-related herb plants in their home balcony, window shelves, Terrace, Lawn.
Grow in your restaurant area to put fresh herbs in your dishes and show your customers that it is fresh and organic.
Many more herbs like Dill, Kale, red & green lettuce, Celery etc will be coming up soon.
The benefits are many which are mentioned against each herb plants.
If you would like to have them grow in your house area or buy the fresh or crushed herbs then you may contact the below no and mail id.

Need a Plant? You’re in luck.

Not sure which plants are right for you, or if you’re a plant person overall? Give us a call and let’s talk. We just want to help you get more green in your home.